The Molecular Methods database (MolMeth) is a database to collect laboratory protocols and standard procedures applicable in molecular biology and life science.

The database has financially been supported by the Swedish biobanking infrastructure ( and the EU FP7 project Affionomics ( in order to promote harmonization of laboratory techniques in biobanking as well as provide a repository for protocols commonly used to analyze samples. The website was first established in 2009, but has during 2013 undergone a major overhaul where protocols have been curated and user accessibility been improved.

Reading or posting protocols is free and all protocols are published using a Creative Commons 3 license, which means that all material can be freely distributed as long as it is properly cited.

Apart from funding from the Swedish biobanking infrastructure and Affinomics, the Molecular Methods database is also a part of the BBMRI-ERIC ESFRI.

A report concerning a workshop organized to discuss an ontological data-modelling framework for Laboratory Protocol Standards for the Molecular Methods Database (MolMeth) was published in January 2013 in the journal New Biotechnology.

If you have any questions about the website do not hesitate to contact us at admin@[domain name].org